In 1994 we discovered Sainte Foy and immediately fell in love with its peacefulness, tranquility and friendly vibe. Since 1997 we are the proud owners of Chalet Grand Col and visited the valley during most of our vacations. The endless possibilities for activities, i.e. skiing, snowboarding, ski touring, snowshoeing, heliskiing during winter and hiking, cycling, climbing, golf and rafting during summer, are the major attractant for our family to visit Sainte Foy.

We continually try to improve Chalet Grand Col and in the fall of 2019 a large refurbishment was effectuated. Our chalet now features a spacious kitchen with a large bar separating the living/dining area from the kitchen area. Embrace the chalet and your company, and enjoy a drink at the fire place in our living area.

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